Tutorial 19th Oct 2012…

After showing my Dissertation Outline and a chapter that I have completed, here were the points to be improved on and also the notes from the afternoon lecture.

Add the title to the dissertation outline as well as numbering the chapters in which I will order my dissertation upon. Once done, send to Liz.

Try to keep my dissertation between 7-9,000 words as this is a good number to work around.

Think about a possible experiment that I can do that will enhance my research and dissertation purpose, maybe this could be done in a form of a questionnaire that lots of people can fill out.

Try to relate the dissertation with my own work. Perhaps when talking about the brands and say how they have changed also talk about how this perhaps has influenced my practice at Uni for other classes.

Appendices is a list of resources / photos / that I want them to see that are too bulky for the main part of my dissertation. It is not just a dumping ground for all my research.

Structure and writing styles Lecture

Think about the style and tone of the dissertation and how i want it to be perceived by the reader.

Analyse as I go throughout the dissertation.

Try not to over use “I” throughout. Change it up with Myself and Me.

Make it clear when changing voice from talking about something and some one to about myself using “I” and “Me”.

Paragraph writing.

Introduce it, something the reader might not know (1-2 sentences)

Give supporting information . Key elements to the topics. Describe in a fuller view (several sentences)

Conclude. What does the provided information mean? Do not assume that you will come to the same conclusion as the reader ( 2-4 sentences)  Remember this does not have to emphasise by stating “this means” or “and to conclude” etc. You can be much more subtle than that.


Think about design layouts for my my dissertation, how I want it to look for the final hand in. Book, magazine, newspaper, 3D, etc.

Think about illustration that i need to use.

When handing in my first draft, include the blog as my research diary as well.

Make the formative draft for the 2nd November 2012 as one large document. Including:

  • My Title page – including, name of student, course (with pathway/specialism) and year of graduation
  • Contents Page
  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Text Arranged in chapters or sections
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography



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